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Inventing divinity by computing humanity


Budding leader in human language technologies

We save your time

We reduce your time and pressure in your verbal soft communications.

Ease of native language​

We make you live with the pleasure of your native language world

Promoting Computing Mother Tounge​

Come with us and take a Mom hug from computer technology

Who We Are

SritechNIVASA Pvt.Ltd is a budding future leader in human language technologies. Our Inventions and Products would contribute bridges over the technological abyss between the common Indian public and their soft application needs.

What We Do

We are connecting dots among mother tongue emotions, human daily needs and market evolutions.

Our Tools and textures

Advnced technology trends like Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are cultural and technical tools for our products.

Where We Are

In our online customer survey, 96% of the respondents expressed their emotions that computing mother tongue needs to be more convenient than existing products. There we are..

Why We Are

We take confidence such as Google & KPMG Report – 2017 titled as “Indian languages defines India’s internet” – It is our target market user base.

It is not only a StartUp

It is a beginning of Innovative India..

Our Founder

L Venkateswara Rao - Founder & Managing Director

Inventor and International patent applicant